Andy has spent many years performing all over the World. From West End theatres to outdoor arenas to television studios; he’s sung, played, acted, danced and directed- and in doing so, has gathered together a huge collection of strategies and tips.

Putting all the theory into practice – live, onstage, when you’re feeling nervous - is where Andy’s expertise can guide you through. He can offer you practical, tried and tested, hands-on help to transform your performances.

Some of the areas which Andy’s recent workshops have covered…

Stage Technique
Lead Vocals
Backing Vocals & Ensemble Singing
Vocal Percussion
Recording Acappella
Audition Tips and Techniques for Actors

Andy’s workshops are always tailored to fit the group or individual - and can be anything from a few hours to several days duration, depending on your - or your group’s - needs.
For further info, email us with your questions and details of your requirements. We can fix up a date to begin work. workshopsATandylaycockDOTcom