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Everyday (2005) is available at www.amazon.de
Ancient/rare VHS video, 1990 Live in Hamburg, 2003 Politics of Need, 1996

Blue Money, 1991

Best of, 2006 packaging

Volume One, 1994



iTunes Downloads  

...Best thing about iTunes is that you can download the whole album, OR just the tracks you really want.... so if you only want to fill your iPod with just a few of the songs in the current 'Changing Times' tour, here's the place to start. Works fine with PCs or Macs, but boy do we recommend a Mac!

Lost Boys, 1983 Best of Flying Pickets, 1993 Volume One, 1994
The Flying Pickets - Lost Boys - Only You Album or Tracks The Flying Pickets - The Best of the Flying Pickets - Higher and Higher Album or Tracks The Flying Pickets - The Original Flying Pickets Vol. One - Take My Breath Away Album or Tracks
... And here's some good things which the world should know about...
The Flying Pickets - Paint It Black - Get Off My Cloud Album or Tracks Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere Album or Tracks Lily Allen - Alright, Still - LDN Album or Tracks

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